The Choratour Choir

The unique feature of Choratour is the changing membership from one tour to another. Each destination appeals to different people; therefore, the membership is specific to each tour. Members may register for as many tours as they wish.

Singers from different choirs, and communities with varied musical experiences are invited to join Choratour for a specific Tour. The singers will be sent the music and learning tracks with their registration. Choratour will organize about five rehearsals to allow everyone to feel the music, blend their voices and of course, begin building friendships with their traveling companions. Prior to the Tour, we will present our concert at a local venue in the Ottawa/ Gatineau area to enable your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to hear you sing before performing overseas.

Choratour offers the best of traveling experience, with songs and friends and wonderful places to visit. During the Tour, we will explore the music and culture of our destination and we will have the opportunity to sing with a local choir in at least one of our destination cities.

Choratour works in collaboration with Touringhouse Inc. in Ottawa Ontario and is limited to 50 participants. Spouses, friends, companions who do not sing are welcome to join us.