Choratour occasionally offers Music Theory Workshops in Chelsea QC. The workshops are designed for anyone who is eager to learn about written music. Workshops are held on Saturday mornings, 9 am to 12 noon at Mary Magdalene Church, Rte 105 Chelsea, Québec

Written music is a dense symbolic language that communicates tons of information. There can be a lot of markings on a page of music and some are pretty cryptic for the uninitiated. I have designed these workshop for those who have little or no musical training or those who would like a refresher course to better understand their music score.

Entry level workshop: This workshop is designed to demystify the music score. It explores what information is available on the page to help you better perform  your music taking into consideration the intentions of the composer. Topics  include tempo, dynamics, slurs, key signatures, time signatures, the staff, clefs, note reading, intervals, and how to follow the road map of your printed music.

Understanding Rhythm workshop: This workshop is designed for anyone who would like to demystify rhythmic notation. Topics include understanding time value notes and rests, time signatures (simple and compound), reading and understanding rhythmic patterns,  and learning how to count the rhythmic patterns in your music.
I enjoyed the workshop & the information was very helpful 

Thank you so much for this morning workshop! You help demystify  much of that which I never understood. Very helpful.


Many thanks for the excellent workshop you gave this morning. I learned and relearned a great deal.